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Fully Licensed & Regulated

With CanadaMigration, you can put your mind at ease knowing that you are in the best possible hands. We work solely with licensed and regulated RCICs and Canadian Lawyers to help streamline your application process and guide you all the way to Canada. Your case will be managed in its entirety by a dedicated CanadaMigration representative, legally authorized to represent you under Canadian Law.

Client Portal

From the moment you register, CanadaMigration’s easy to use Client Portal allows you to easily track the progress of your case on any computer or mobile device. In addition, our staff continue to pursue your case using advanced technology systems, allowing them to better assist you in completing your documentation and ensuring all documents are submitted correctly and on time to the IRCC.

Accuracy and

With CanadaMigration you will get a complete and professional assessment within 48-hours from the moment of receipt of documents. From there we continue with a thorough follow-up process backed by unparalleled expertise to help you establish your immigration file in the fastest time possible.

Building A Tailored
Immigration Strategy

No one can guarantee 100% success, as the final approval belongs to the federal government. However, for those wanting to maximize their immigration options and to guarantee the best possible success rate, CanadaMigration will provide every immigration option available to help you develop a personalized immigration strategy tailored to your needs and objectives.

Multilingual Service
& Support

Whether in French, English, Spanish or Arabic, our diligent customer support staff are always available to help you complete the various tasks required to ensure the best chances of success for your application.

We have years of experience in guiding individuals from around the world regarding immigration and visa options to Canada. We invite you to join our hundreds of happy clients and make your best move today.

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