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1Terms and Conditions

1.1Canada Migration and Union Rose Solutions are private for profit organizations and in no way associated with the Canadian Government.
1.2 These terms and conditions are an agreement between you, the client, and us, the company, Union Rose Solution.
1.3 This website, is owned and operated by Union Rose Solution with registration and business address:Calle Balmes 173, 4-2 Barcelona 08006 Spain.
1.4These terms and conditions govern all activity with the company and any use of the website or services offered by Use of the website or any services constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.
1.5 Any change to the terms and conditions must be in writing and posted on this site. No verbal agreement or writing that has not been posted on this site can override the terms and conditions as set out here.
1.6 Other sections of the site, which set out our relationship are incorporated into these terms and conditions. This will be indicated by a link to these sections and are considered contained in the Terms and Conditions..
1.7 This is a legal and binding contract. This is the only and the full agreement between the parties. Any modification not compliant with these terms and conditions must be clearly signed by both parties, and stated to modify the terms and conditions.

2 Services of Company

2.2. The company provides a platform that you can utilize to collect and organize the required documentation which is necessary to make an application to the Government of Canada, or any province or territory, to provide the client with a visa or work permit as required and determined by the properly licensed lawyer or RCIC.
2.3The company itself does not offer advice or counselling regarding immigration. All advice and counselling is done by properly licensed and regulated individuals. These people constitute our Legal Team. They are independent from the company but we maintain communication with them and you throughout the process, as required.
2.4The company will charge the client fees for its services and for the use of the website. The fees will additionally cover your professional fees of the RCIC or lawyer who is working with us on your file, but only for the initial visa program that the client has purchased. Any upgrade to the program, or other fees and incidentals charged by the Government, the lawyer or RCIC, or any third party provider remain solely the obligation of the client.
2.5 Other ancillary services by the company or by third parties may be offered to the client by the company. These services entail a separate fee, and this will be indicated at the time of purchase of said services.
2.6The company provides 3 types of Visa packages: Temporary Resident CA $3,000, Permanent Residency Program CA $7,000, Investor or Self Employed Programs CA $ 10,000 which will be followed after the Legal Evaluation (Single Assessment CA $ 450 and Family Assessment CA $ 600) is completed. All fees listed are in Canadian Dollars.

3 Company Representations

3.1 The Company is experienced and competent in the performance of its obligations. The company will act in good faith and with due diligence and care.
3.2. The company will take precautions to guard the client’s personal information. The company follows GDPR protocols to protect the client’s information from disclosure to anyone not connected to the company, except the authorized legal representatives, as stated elsewhere in the terms and conditions.
3.3The company services are complete and terminated when the client is passed to the lawyer or RCIC for the processing of the visa or permit. The client will release the company and sign a new contract of representation with the representative, as is required by law.
3.4 Until the file passes to the representative which is only after an engagement agreement is fully signed, the client is solely contracted with the company. There is no relationship between the client and the representative until such a retainer is signed.
3.5 The obligations of this contract survive the termination of the contract. Every member of our Legal team has been checked and is duly licensed to perform the legal services required to make an immigration application to the Canadian Government.
3.6The company cannot give any guarantee or warranty of acceptance. Only the Canadian government can approve applications.
3.7The company shall not be responsible for any liability, expense or loss suffered by the client, which is alleged to be attributed to the access and use of the website, or any information contained on the website.

4 Client Representations

4.1 The client states that he has full legal capacity to enter into this contract, including being of legal age and full capacity.
4.2. The client warrants and guarantees that all information submitted by the client, verbal or online, will be honest and accurate.
4.3 The client acknowledges that in order to continue the process, documentation must be submitted in a timely manner. If during the process, a period of 2 months passes without your submitting new or additional documentation, we may put your file into a suspended status. Being in suspended status means that your file will not be worked on by the company. After 4 months of being suspended your file will be closed and there will be fees required to reactivate your file. If your file is closed you are not due any refund.
4.4 The client acknowledges and agrees that the immigration representative working with the company will have access to all the personal information of the client that is placed on the website.
4.5The client understands and agrees that the operation of the company is reliant on many factors outside of the control of the company, including electricity outages, internet problems, acts of war, acts of God, and other activities that are not arising because of the company's actions. The company is not liable to the client for any actual or potential loss resulting from such extraordinary events.
4.6 The client agrees to the use of electronic signatures as being fully compliant.
4.7 The client agrees to the use of email as valid communication and service of notices.
4.8 The client hereby waives any right to original signatures or delivery, required or not by any jurisdiction

5 Copyright and Use of Site and Material Information

5.1 This site,, is the property of Union Rose Solution. All material and methods are copyrighted to the company. This includes all intellectual property, trademarks, patents and other proprietary property rights.
5.2. No use may be made of the information or contents without written consent by the owner of the materials and methods.
5.3 No copy may be made or distributed to anyone else.
5.4 We may change or modify the site at any point in time. This is our right to do so without notice. We are not liable for any changes to the site.
5.5 We may change or modify the site at any point in time. This is our right to do so without notice. We are not liable for any changes to the site.
5.6 5.7 The client agrees that he has been granted a non-exclusive and non-assignable limited license to use the site and materials for the purpose stated of applying to immigrate to Canada only. There is no right conveyed to any other use or tampering with the site or coding thereof.
5.8The client agrees that he has been granted a non-exclusive and non-assignable limited license to use the site and materials for the purpose stated of applying to immigrate to Canada only. There is no right conveyed to any other use or tampering with the site or coding thereof.
5.9 The site is provided on an as is and as available basis.

6 Privacy Policy

6.1 Privacy Policy is available here.

7 Cookie Policy

7.1 Cookie Policy is available here.

8 Refund Policy

8.1 Any refund request must be made within 5 days of purchase of the assessment or visa program.
8.2 If the profile has been completed and the file sent to the lawyer or RCIC for assessment, then, despite any outcome, the refund will not be granted.
8.3 If the file has been sent to the representative for processing then the refund will not be granted.
8.4 In the event of submission of your file to the government and the refusal by the government to approve the file, no refund is available.
8.1 If deceptive documents have been submitted, then no refund is available.
8.5Once the file has begun to be processed in house, then a 20% refund is allowed for the first 14 days. After that time, the fee is considered fully earned.
8.6If you fail to pass any IELTS test, or medical exam or cannot provide any other required documentation that you presented the information about on the website or that becomes required as the file is processed, the refund will not be granted. No refund is available for Visitor Visas, IEC, and all Business, investor, self employed visas.
8.7All Refunds are subjected to review and approval of Company`s Legal and Finance departments, unless clearly stated otherwise in the Terms & Conditions.

9 Termination Policy

9.1The company may terminate this contract for breach of the Terms and Conditions, or for any other reason that the company determines is necessary.
9.2 The client may terminate this contract for breach of the Terms and Conditions, or for any other reason that the client determines is necessary.
9.3 Written notice is required to terminate the contract. Such notice shall be by email.
9.4 All obligations and these Terms and Conditions survive the termination of the contract.

10 Modifications to the Terms and Conditions

10.1The Company has the right to modify in any way sections of these Terms and Conditions, at its sole discretion.
10.2 Such modification shall be effected by publishing changes online to these Terms and Conditions.
10.3 Modifications are effective immediately upon posting to the website.
10.4 The modifications may be made at any time and without prior notice. Continuing to use the website and services of the company constitutes acceptance of any modifications made.
10.4 The client is responsible to check from time to time for changes that may affect him.

11 Legal Jurisdiction and Arbitration

11.1The company is incorporated in the country of Spain. The laws of Spain shall apply to this agreement. The language of communication shall be in English
11.2 If there are any disagreements or issues, the client shall give the company notice and agree to enter into negotiations for the period of at least 45 days to resolve these disputes. If the problem is not resolved then either party can resort to arbitration as set out in

12 Contact the Company

12.1 For any complaints, compliments, issues or solutions, the company can be contacted at any time by emailing [email protected].