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The CanadaMigration team works together to inform you of your options and then to assist you to arrive in Canada as a legal temporary or permanent resident.

From the start our team will assist you in registering and providing us with the required initial information and documents to ensure that our assessment, written by a professional immigration consultant or lawyer , will be as accurate as possible.

Step 1
Legal Evaluation

The assessment will discuss your strengths and weaknesses as an immigrant and either find you are either eligible or not eligible.  From the information provided you in the assessment you will select from the available recommendations on a program to apply for.

Step 2
Choose your immigration Program

* Our programs are exclusive of all third-party charges and government fees.

* Any appeal or additional work will be billed separately and is subject to an additional agreement.

Step 3
Document Collection

Once you register to your chosen immigration program, you will moved to our Immigration Case Agents. They will guide you in collecting the documentation that is required for the program. Once the documentation is completed, the file moves to the direct care of your legal representative.

Step 4
Submission to the Canadian Government

You Legal representative will work with you to prepare the final documents and legal forms and present the file to the Canadian Government.

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