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Our Programs Temporary Resident Visa (Visitor Visa)

Without a doubt, there is no country more welcoming than Canada!

Each year, over 30 million tourists, students, or temporary workers visit Canada to enjoy the countless opportunities Canada has to offer.

That being said, as welcoming as Canada is, you may still need to meet specified entry requirements depending on your country of origin and the purpose of your visit. Therefore, if you plan to stay in Canada for a certain period of time, you may need a Visitor Visa, also called a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

Who are Visitors?

Visitors are persons who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents. Visitors will be legally authorized to enter Canada to:

A study permit is not required if you want to take a short-term program of study for up to six months duration.

Upon receiving a Temporary Resident Visa, when entering Canada, the stamp placed in your passport will commonly be valid for a period of six months unless specified otherwise by the Canadian official.

Temporary Resident Visas come in the form of a single-entry visa, allowing you to enter Canada once, and a multiple entry visa, allowing you to leave and re-enter Canada several times during the validity of the visa. A multiple entry visa is valid for a period of up to 10 years, allowing you to travel to and from Canada several times for 6 months at a time.

Among other criteria for eligibility, when applying for a Canadian Visitor Visa, you will also be required to show that you have sustainable funds needed to support yourself and your family members during your stay and to return home. You may also have to prove your connection to your home country and your motivation to return to that country upon completion of your visit.

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