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Employment In Canada

Recognized as a modern industrialized nation with emerging knowledge and technology-based sectors, Canada’s economy has seen robust employment growth in recent years, with both the labour force participation and employment rates well above the OECD average.

Not surprisingly, immigrants from around the world choose to work in Canada with the promise of respectable salaries and high quality of life.

In recent years, the labour market in Canada is primarily shifting from middle-skilled to high-skilled jobs. Almost 80% of Canada’s economic regions have seen the employment share of high-skilled jobs increase over the last decade, while the demand for high-skilled jobs is projected to grow over the coming decade. Occupations requiring higher education are expected to show the fastest employment growth and contribute to the greatest share of job creation among all skill levels in Canada.

At present, hundreds of thousands of Canadian employers are looking for hard-working, educated people of all ages and backgrounds, who seek to live and work in Canada and to contribute to the nation's thriving economy. As a result, Canada has a range of wonderful immigration and visa options designed to encourage and help both skilled and unskilled foreign nationals to work in Canada.

Canada's most high in-demand occupations and industries include:

Fun fact: Toronto is the heart of Canada's finance industry. The city's financial district is the second-largest financial centre in North America and the seventh-largest globally in employment.

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